At Stelth Instruments we provide customized and user-friendly surgical solutions to healthcare providers around the world. Unique cases require unique surgical instruments and we use 3D printing technologies to allow the timely manufacture of equipment designed specifically for the patient in consideration. We aim to revolutionize the way surgery is practiced with instruments that improve outcomes and take the patient into account.

“I am a trainee in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery currently practicing in the NHS and I bring surgical expertise to the team. During my training I routinely encountered operations which could of benefited significantly in outcome from patient-precise equipment. I co-founded Stelth Instruments in order to bridge this gap found in the current surgical practice. My vision is to provide healthcare providers like myself with innovative solutions that will enhance surgical fluency and autonomy.”

- Theodora Papavasiliou, MD, Co-Founder of Stelth Instruments

“I am a co-founder of Stelth Instruments and a recent Chemistry PhD graduate with expertise in microfabrication, microfluidics and rapid-prototyping. The advent of 3D printing has opened the gateway for affordable low-volume yet high precision manufacturing. This presents a unique opportunity for patient demographics which were thus far underrepresented by conventional instrument manufacturers. My specialty is in instrument design and I hope to be a part of the creation of smart instruments which become mainstay in the healthcare sector.”

- Stelios Chatzimichail, PhD, Co-Founder of Stelth Instruments