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This 3D printed simulation training platform is used to practise flexor tendon repair techniques. The background contains annotation for the pulleys for better orientation, hooks to position the tendons under tension and velcro attachment on the bottom for fixed positioning while training.

Two separate tendon types are available, one that mimics the FDP which is thicker and made out of silicone and one that mimics the FDS which is thinner and is made of a flexible thermoplastic. The tendons can be cut with scissors at any level for practise in different Zones.

The device is reusable and the tendons can be purchased separately.

Please note that the green FDS tendon has been discontinued. Only the silicone FDP tendon is provided with the device.

Check out the video demonstrating the modified Kessler and Adelaide technique using our simulation model:


Available products to purchase:

1. Bundle: Flexor tendon repair simulation device + 3 FDP (silicone) tendons for 50.00 GBP

2. Bundle plus: Flexor tendon repair simulation device + 6 FDP (silicone) tendons for 60.00 GBP

3. Tendon bundle: 5x FDP (silicone) tendons for 15.00 GBP

4. Tendon bundle plus: 10x FDP (silicone) tendons for 25.00 GBP

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International shipping 20 GBP


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Product TypeSimulation training models
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